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Prescription Medication and Oral Health

Fenton MO Family DentistIn short, medications are given to advance one’s health or to manage disease or illness. Yet, prescription medications do have side effects, some of which are negative concerning teeth and oral health. This is why doctors suggest becoming familiar with the side effects…

Preventative Dentistry

Fenton MO Family DentistTaking many forms, preventative dentistry encompasses daily oral health practices such as brushing and flossing teeth, as well as regular dental visits recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA). In short, the aim of preventative dentistry is to help ensure…

A Solution For Sensitive Teeth

Fenton MO General DentistryFor those with sensitive teeth, the holiday season, with its treats and celebratory beverages is a cruel reminder of some of the things they’ve been forced to give up because of their tooth pain. If you are one of the millions of individuals experiencing tooth sensitivity,…

What Does Pediatric Dentistry Provide For My Child

Fenton MO Dentist for ChildrenCommitted to children’s oral health from infancy through the teenage years, Pediatric Dentists focus their expertise on promoting healthy teeth and gums, while helping children avoid pain and complications associated with oral infections and decay. Even so,…

Inspire Your Smile

Fenton MO DentistWhether tooth decay, systemic disease, trauma or natural effects of aging have impaired the appearance and function of one’s smile, advancements in restorative and

Dental Sealants: A Tried And True Way To Dodge Decay

Fenton MO Pediatric DentistAs a plastic coating that is “painted” on molars and premolars, dental sealants remain a tried and true way to dodge decay.  Colgate explains that…

Prenatal Care and Oral Health

Fenton MO Family DentistDid you know? Pregnant women who develop gum disease may be more likely to have a baby that is born prematurely, as reported by

Invisalign: A Clear Way to Shape Up Your Smile

Fenton MO Invisible BracesWhile everyone deserves to have a smile that they are happy to show off, the idea of metal braces with pesky wires and scratchy brackets are less than appealing for many. Thus, the popularity of

Dental Bonding

Fenton MO Cosmetic Dental Treatments

In regards to cosmetic dentistry, dental bonding is perhaps the easiest and most versatile dental procedure, and is performed in a single visit. Using a tooth-colored…

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Fenton MO Sleep Apnea TreatmentWhen the airway collapses or becomes blocked during sleep, causing breathing to pause or become shallow, this is known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (sleep-disordered breathing). For the most part, individuals more at risk are male, are overweight,…