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Dental Sealants: Powerful Protection in Pediatric Dentistry

For the most part, adequate brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits help patients avoid cavities. Yet, for adolescents and children whose oral care habits may be lacking, dental professionals often recommend applying Dental Sealants. There’s no doubt—dental sealants are a tried and true method of providing powerful protection in pediatric dentistry.

Sealants are applied to molars in the back of the mouth that are especially vulnerable to decay. Dentists begin by cleaning the molar and applying a solution that “roughens” it. This allows the sealant material to adhere easily to the tooth’s surface. After the tooth has dried, it is ready to be sealed.

The deep grooves, or “fissures,” are painted with a plastic coating, or resin. The resin hardens and bonds to the tooth, providing a barrier to acids and plaque that tend to hide within the depressions of back teeth. Sealants are durable and able to withstand the heavy forces of chewing. While adults can benefit from sealants, they are notably common in children and teens that are more prone to tooth decay.

When Are Dental Sealants Placed?

To preserve the tooth’s surface before decay begin its work, dental professionals usually suggest applying sealants on permanent molars as soon as the surface of the tooth erupts above the gum line. For most children, this is age 5-7. Even so, for some children whose baby teeth have grooves or fissures, dentists may see fit to apply sealants to protect those as well. As the second set of permanent molars come in, usually between the ages of 11-14, sealants can provide protection for those also. Therefore, when it comes to placing dental sealants, it varies slightly, depending on the patient’s teeth and when permanent molars begin to emerge.

Dr. William Capati, DMD, invites your family to experience a new level of dental care at Sugar Creek Family Dental in Fenton. Our general dentistry services, including pediatric dental care, are the staple of our practice. We believe that special attention to oral health early in life will promote a positive dental experience for years to come. If you have questions about how Dental Sealants may benefit your family, please call us today.


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