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Answering the Frequently Asked Questions About Dentures

As a person gets older, the teeth, gums, and the rest of the oral cavity need extra attention and care. That is because many adults are now suffering from tooth loss caused by several dental issues, including gum disease, severe infection, dental trauma, the risk for infections, and more.

Missing one or more teeth is very unpleasant and may cause the person to suffer from embarrassment, which can affect their everyday life. Not only that, but leaving these teeth unreplaced may also lead to extensive dental issues like the shift of the remaining teeth out of their positions, high risk for infection, bone loss, and more.

Fortunately, there are now several dental treatments available that are designed to address concerns regarding tooth loss. But for years, dentures have been the go-to treatment for missing teeth and have always been commended in providing the results patient’s desire. Dentures are custom-made removable replacements for missing teeth that come in two types: complete and partial dentures. The former type is used when all the teeth are missing, while the latter is ideal if there are still some teeth intact.

How does wearing new dentures feel like?

Until they have become accustomed to it, the wearer may find new dentures a little odd or loose for a while. Also, it is not uncommon for them to experience minor irritation, soreness, and an increase in saliva production when wearing the prosthesis for the first time. Fortunately, these problems will be gone as soon as the mouth has adjusted to wearing dentures.

Will eating with new dentures be difficult?

A little practice is necessary for first-timers when eating with dentures. They are advised to incorporate soft foods into their diet and chew slowly using both sides of the mouth. As the mouth gets comfortable in wearing dentures, patients should then gradually add solid foods until they are back to their regular diet. As much as possible, be mindful of the foods or beverages that may cause harm to dentures to secure its longevity.

Will dentures affect the way I speak?

Pronouncing certain words may be a bit difficult at first, but once the patient gets used to the appliance, they are more likely to regain their normal speech.


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