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Dental 101: An Overview of Sedation Dentistry - Fenton, MO - Blog Sugar Creek Family Dental Fenton, MO

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Dental 101: An Overview of Sedation Dentistry - Fenton, MO

The thought of seeing the dentist or undergoing any particular dental procedure is not very comfortable. However, to some people, these ideas can cause them to think of skipping dental visits. Despite the normality of fear, being the brain’s natural response, it can be harmful to the overall well being of a person.

For instance, instead of consulting the dentist due to the recurring toothaches or the persistent bleeding of gums, the patient may just choose to take pain medications or disregard the signs entirely. As a result, instead of the potential of saving a tooth, the patient would not have any other choice but to have the affected tooth extracted. It is also possible that a problem that does not have any irreversible damage can worsen and progress to a more severe issue.

That is why we at Sugar Creek Family Dental advise our patients to never skip their dental visits for us to avoid the occurrence of any dental complication. For those who are not too comfortable with the idea, we have good news! Our practice can utilize sedation dentistry options to make dental appointments more comfortable and pleasant.


What is Sedation Dentistry?

It is a method performed by dentists using sedatives in different forms to make patients feel relaxed despite their initial fear. Before it is provided, the records like medical history and medications taken will be reviewed to determine the safest and most effective approach.

Sedation dentistry is often referred to as sleep dentistry, but patients should know that this term is not entirely accurate. Those who avail of a particular sedation option has the choice to either stay awake or fully unconscious throughout. It is possible since dental professionals can adjust the levels of sedation before or during a scheduled procedure.


Different Levels of Sedation

  • Minimal allows patients to remain awake without feeling uneasy.

  • Moderate can still make them stay alert, but they are more likely to slur their words when talking. It is also possible for them to not remember much of what took place.

  • Deep can make a person fall asleep, but gentle tappings can easily awaken them.

  • General anesthesia can make patients completely asleep, and this can usually be countered by another medication or if the patient is given enough time to recover.

Been thinking of availing dental health care services but fear and anxiety get in the way? We at Sugar Creek Family Dental got it covered! Feel free to express the worries and concern to our dentist so that the best course of action can be taken.

You deserve outstanding dental care services! To enjoy these means in keeping the oral health in shape despite the fear, phobia, or other factors, consider the Sedation Dentistry options in Fenton, MO. Book your appointment with us at  Sugar Creek Family Dental and let us help you feel at ease to achieve beautiful and healthy teeth!