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Dental Facts to Eliminate the Fear Associated With Root Canals

For many, root canal therapy is one of the most dreaded procedures they would rather avoid than take advantage of. The cause of this perception are the exaggerated claims about the level of pain and discomfort the treatment is associated with. For everyone to gain a better understanding of root canals, we at Sugar Creek Family Dental prepared a list of essential facts below. We aim to reduce the irrational fears for patients to take advantage of the benefits of root canals.

Root Canal Therapy…

Does not cause pain

Contrary to the belief of many, root canals do not cause excruciating pain. Dentists see to it that patients will have a pleasant experience throughout the whole process. In fact, some claim that the sensation is not too different when having a tooth filled. To help patients with anxiety, we can even perform sedation dentistry to make it more relaxing and comfortable.

Requires a recovery period

Although the procedure itself won't cause pain, patients may feel uncomfortable and sore until the treated area fully heals. As a solution, dental professionals will recommend painkillers and medicines to speed up healing. Patients are also advised to rest and eat well for their bodies to recover faster. If followed, patients can then return to their regular lifestyle after a few days.

Subsiding pain does not cancel the need for a root canal

Some patients would rather bear their toothache and delay dental appointments due to several reasons. However, the pain they feel may be due to the attack of bacteria on the pulp, which contains the blood vessels and nerves. Delaying the necessary treatment will cause the pulp to die and pain to disappear. Although the disappearance of pain is favorable to anyone, this means that the infection is progressing to the roots. That said, seeing the dentist immediately after experiencing pain and discomfort is best.

Relying on antibiotics is not an effective approach to cure tooth infection

The first thing that comes into a patient’s mind when told that infection is the culprit of their toothache is to treat it using antibiotics. However, for an antibiotic to work, it should reach the affected area through the bloodstream. Antibiotics can't effectively address tooth infection due to its location that is not very accessible.

Saves the infected tooth from being extracted

By performing a root canal treatment on an infected tooth, the likelihood of saving the structure is high. However, if the patient fails to undergo a root canal, the remaining solution is to have the tooth removed.


Do not let the misconceptions about root canals stop you from getting pain relief without the need for tooth extraction! Take advantage of Root Canal Therapy in Fenton, MO. Call or visit us at Sugar Creek Family Dental to get started.