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Reasons for People to Consider Dental Bridges

For people who experience tooth loss, it is imperative to find a way to replace the lost structure than to suffer its adverse consequences in the long run. Aside from dentures and dental implants, know that there is another type of prosthesis to be considered as a way of restoring lost teeth. Ever heard of a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a type of restoration service for people who are suffering from tooth loss. As the name implies, it is a prosthesis that “bridges” the gap between teeth due to lost teeth structures. Compared to dentures, a dental bridge is an oral appliance that is anchored and cemented in position. Instead of being held into place using wires, it uses the adjacent teeth structures for support, making it look and feel natural. Want to know more about the said restorative approach? We at Sugar Creek Family Dental prepared a list of reasons for people to consider the use of bridges.

Improve speech

After losing several teeth, speaking can sometimes lead to lisp. It may even cause a person to have trouble pronouncing certain words. The teeth play a vital role in forming words, and once these structures are compromised, speech becomes affected. Opting for a dental bridge can restore a person’s regular speech pattern.

Eat without any pain

Aside from talking, one other essential function of the teeth is helping a person grind and chew the food they consume. Losing teeth makes it challenging to eat or even leads to pain and damage when food accumulates on the vacant spaces. If actions are not taken, the adjacent teeth on the gap may acquire cavities or even result in gum disease. By filling in the areas, patients will once again be able to eat the foods they like without it causing any discomfort and other issues.

Prevent further loss of teeth

Believe it or not, the roots of the teeth may be embedded in the jawbone, but the teeth also play a role in supporting its adjacent structures. After losing some teeth, patients may notice that the other teeth are moving towards the gaps. If left unattended, the shifting teeth may begin to loosen, which may eventually cause it to fall out. Bridges fill in the spaces and hold the adjacent teeth in their proper places to avoid them from becoming misaligned.

Keeps the jawbone healthy

Tooth loss can gradually cause the jawbone to deteriorate due to the loss of stimulation from the teeth. If the health of the jaw continues to decline, further tooth loss becomes highly possible. With the help of dental bridges, the support needed to prevent the deterioration of the jawbone, and the change in facial structure can be provided.


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