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The Effects of Smoking on Dental Health

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It’s no secret that smoking is bad for our health, as it’s one of the leading causes of cardio-pulmonary problems and lung cancer. In fact, approximately 500,000 deaths are related to some form of smoking each year. Yet, what many do not consider is the devastating effects of smoking on dental health. Smoking weakens teeth, while impairing blood flow to the mouth. Essentially, the mouth becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which leads to tooth and gum disease.

To better understand, smoking (including cigar and pipe smoking) increases the amount of plaque on teeth. If not removed effectively, the plaque hardens into tartar, which is difficult to remove. Thus, bacteria begin to wear away tooth enamel and irritate gum tissues. Early signs and symptoms of the beginning stages of gum disease may include bleeding while brushing, tooth sensitivity, and red, puffy gums. Because the blood flow is restricted in those who smoke, the body’s ability to fight infection is affected. Without question, gum disease will progress quickly.

Can My Oral Health Improve?

Dental professionals understand that smoking is an incredibly addictive habit, as they see it in their offices frequently. If there’s one thing that dentists want smokers to know, it’s that their oral health can improve. While the best way to drastically improve oral health is to stop smoking, good oral hygiene and regular dental checkups are super important. For instance, if you are trying to cut down on the amount of cigarettes that you smoke daily, make a conscious effort to incorporate healthy habits of brushing and flossing after every meal. In turn, make an appointment with your dentist and discuss your goals with them. While the dentist can spot signs of early gum disease and encourage you along the way, they can also work to help reverse gum disease. Do not let guilt keep you from calling the dentist!

Comfortable Care For You

Serving patients in Fenton and surrounding areas with a new level of dental care, Dr. William Capati and the team at Sugar Creek Family Dental welcome your call today. If you are a smoker, we look forward to providing comfortable care for you. When it comes to smoking, we take a conscientious approach, helping you understand that optimal oral health can be in your future. We work to help you establish realistic goals, while providing you with an array of treatment options and tools. To schedule your appointment, call us today.

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