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Tips for a Pleasant Invisalign Journey

Clear aligners have a lot of edge over metal braces. The previous option is excellent if aesthetics are to be talked about. It is also a lot more comfortable to wear compared to traditional braces. However, the common denominator of the two orthodontic appliances is that they both give off discomforts when adjusted in the mouth. 

Worry not! Here at Sugar Creek Family Dental, we always make sure to give our patients a smoother Invisalign experience. With the help of the tips that we included below, we are positive that they can lessen the possible discomforts that might get in the way during their orthodontic treatment. 


Tips To Alleviate Invisalign Pain

Pain is common with Invisalign, especially during the first days of wearing the clear aligner. Here are the ways to mitigate it: 

  • Consider taking over the counter pain relievers. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines can help soothe minimal pain as well as discomfort.

  • Getting the aligners in and out from the mouth is not the most comfortable thing to do. But with the help of an aligner retrieval tool, wearers can get the tray on and off from their teeth effortlessly.

  • Use orthodontic wax if the dentist placed buttons or attachments on the oral device as these components can sometimes aggravate discomfort. 


Additional Tips

Clean The Aligner

Do not let bacteria cling in your Invisalign tray. Every morning, make sure to take the aligner out and clean it. Cleaning the orthodontic device upon waking up ensures that the bacteria that had accumulated in it during the night is washed away.

Secure The Invisalign Tray

Since clear aligners are removable, it is easy to misplace them. Store the oral device in its case and carry it with you all the time. Never leave it in an area where pets or children can easily find it.

Living with Invisalign is easier—especially if the tips mentioned above are observed. 


Are you dreaming of a perfectly straight smile? Give us at Sugar Creek Family Dental a call! Let us talk about how our Invisalign in Fenton, MO can help you. You may visit our clinic at 1165 Gravois Rd. Suite 140 Fenton, MO 63026.