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Halitosis Treatment

Have you been told you have bad breath or been diagnosed with halitosis? This can be an embarrassing condition that can affect your self-confidence in social situations. Using breath mints and gums just masks the issue. At Sugar Creek Family Dental, we can help find the source of your bad breath and offer halitosis treatment with general dentistry to give you back your social self-confidence.

Halitosis is often caused from an oral health issue, stemming from infection or bacteria growth in your mouth. While brushing, flossing and mouthwash can eliminate food particles that cause normal bad mouth odors, it may not be enough for those with halitosis. The first step is to determine what is causing the odor and treat that condition. With a comprehensive dental exam, our dental team can uncover any oral health issues that may be causing your bad breath.

Treatment for Chronic Bad Breath

The treatment for chronic bad breath is determined by the source or cause. Often it is a dental issue that is creating an odor that does not go away with routine oral care. Decay in your teeth or infection in your gums are two common causes of bad breath that are linked to your oral health. Treating the cavity or gum disease can help eliminate the cause of the odor, while improving your oral and overall health.

It is important to note that not all cases of halitosis are caused by dental or oral health issues. Some medical conditions can cause bad breath. Dr. Capati will complete a thorough exam to determine if the halitosis is related to your oral health. If it is not a result of a dental issue, you will be referred to your primary physician for a medical diagnosis.

Bad breath is almost always a sign of another health issue, often within your mouth. Contact Sugar Creek Family Dental today to schedule your exam to find the source of your halitosis and get the treatment you need for fresh breath.