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Tooth Extractions/Wisdom Teeth Removal - Sugar Creek Family Dental Fenton, MO

Tooth Extractions

Your smile and health is important to us at Sugar Creek Family Dental. Our experienced dental team is dedicated to helping you keep your natural teeth whenever possible with general dental care, yet there are times when a tooth extraction is necessary. Whether extreme decay or injury have caused a tooth to become unhealthy, if it must be removed, we can provide a comfortable, stress-free experience for your procedure.

In an ideal environment, your teeth are meant to last a lifetime. However, life is rarely ideal and it is often in your best interest to have an unhealthy tooth removed. At Sugar Creek Family Dental, we provide gentle dental care in a relaxed environment to take the stress out of a routine tooth extraction. For our patients who have anxiety regarding dental treatments such as extractions, we offer sedation dentistry to put you at ease during this procedure. You can relax while Dr. Capati and his team quickly perform the needed extraction, making it virtually pain and stress free.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the most common molars that need removal. Although some people have no issues when their wisdom teeth arrive in their late teens or early twenties, others may need a wisdom teeth removal procedure. Dr. Capati can monitor the growth of wisdom teeth as they begin to come in and identify any possible issues. If there is not enough room for them in the mouth or they begin to grow in sideways or crooked, we can alert you before any damage is done and schedule removal of your or your child’s wisdom teeth.

There is no need to have anxiety over a tooth extraction when you visit our caring team at Sugar Creek Family Dental. We can make the experience stress-free in our comfortable dental office with sedation dentistry available to put you at ease. Contact Sugar Creek Family Dental today for your consultation.