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Dental Bridges

Do you press your lips together when you smile to hide missing teeth? Many people are embarrassed because of the gaps left in their smile due to one or more teeth that are no longer in place. Give yourself permission to smile confidently with the addition of a dental bridge. You can get back that complete, beautiful smile with a visit to Sugar Creek Family Dental for cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Dental bridges offer a permanent solution to missing teeth that are hurting your smile. In addition to replacing those missing teeth for a beautiful smile, dental bridges can protect your oral health. Missing teeth leave more areas for food and bacteria to hide, often leading to gum disease and decay. Also, your other teeth can begin to shift, causing other oral health issues. Dental bridges help keep your teeth in alignment, while creating a natural, functional smile.

Regain a Healthy Smile

Dental bridges give you back the smile that missing teeth took away. Using the teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth, Dr. Capati can put a dental bridge into place that will become a permanent part of your smile. The abutment teeth are covered with dental crowns that attach to artificial teeth which replace your missing teeth. The results are functional, beautiful teeth that are anchored in place to replace those that once were gone. You can eat the foods you love again and flash a beautiful smile, all while protecting your oral health.

You deserve to live your life with a complete smile. Dr. Capati and our friendly team at Sugar Creek Family Dental can restore your missing teeth with a dental bridge. To learn more about our cosmetic and restorative dentistry options, contact us today to schedule your exam and begin your journey back to a complete, beautiful smile.