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Pediatric Dentistry - Sugar Creek Family Dental Fenton, MO

Dentistry for Kids

Bright, shining smiles from the children we care for make our day at Sugar Creek Family Dental. We are a family dental office that offers pediatric dental care for the families in the Fenton, MO area. From the tiny tot that just received their first tooth, to the teenager that needs orthodontic care, we offer a compassionate, comfortable environment for quality dental care services.

family scheduling

When you have a family it can be difficult to keep up with all your children’s school events, activities, health and dental care. At Sugar Creek Family Dental, we make it easy to get the routine dental care your kids need for a healthy smile. We offer family block appointments so you and your kids can all get the dental care you need in one appointment, saving you time and money. It is just another way we care for our patients.

gentle + caring treatment

Our dentist, Dr. Capati, is a family man and loves to work with kids. The rest of our team at Sugar Creek Family Dental are also experts at interacting with children to make them feel at ease while at our office. We strive to give our youngest patients a great experience when visiting us so that they will grow up without any fear of getting the dental care they need. We enjoy teaching kids how to take care of their smiles and the importance of excellent oral hygiene. Kids love our play area and the special attention we give each one of them when they visit our office.